Enforcement Activities

Rompin District Council's Enforcement & Security Division was formed to support the Petty Traders Division and the Licensing Division. Other than suing (demolition and confiscation) for various Council's divisions, the Enforcement & Security Division is also responsible for enforcing Acts/By-laws.


Complaints Service

Public & Corporate Relations Unit coordinates public complaints on a daily basis. The types of complaints often received are:-
  • Obstruction of five-foot way/public sidewalks
  • Obstruction of car parks
  • Obstruction caused by stray cattle (cows, buffalos)
  • Littering in public spaces
  • Illegal activities in the parks
  • Open burning
  • Illegal construction
  • Illegal petty traders/business




All complaints and investigations are recorded and the following steps taken:-
  • Investigation
  • Advice/warning (Oral/Written)
  • Issuance Notification of Offence/Notice to take action
  • Transfer items/demolition
  • Redemption of confiscated items
  • Disposal of confiscated items
  • Further action if necessary