Major Services

Major Activities

The major activity of Rompin District Council is implementing the following services:-


a) Technical

Planning and implementing development projects and managing as well as issuing approvals for development plans, CFO and addition/renovation plans.

b) Legal

Implementing legal enforcement actions under the Local Government Act 1976, Street, Drainage and  Building Act 1974, Entertainment Act 1993, Buffalo Cow Act 2001, gazetted By-laws and any Enactments/Law which are deemed suitable.

c) Valuation

Implementing investigative valuation on all holdings including government properties in Rompin District Council's operations area for the purpose of preparing a complete valuation list in order to collect Assessment Tax.

d) Licensing

Issuing premise licenses for non-food, food, petty traders and entertainment premises and advertisement licenses as well as issuing permits for temporary business, seasonal business, five-foot way and banners and issuing food handlers cards to every food handler as well as monitoring Alam Flora Sdn Bhd and Teras Dara Konsortium general  work through Monitoring Activity.

e) Town and Country Planning

Controlling the land development approvals by enforcing development guidelines which involved the application process for outline plans and applications for land status change.

f) Information System Management

Controlling, ensuring and maintaining all computer hardware, systems and employers and customers' data so that they remain in a controlled and secure condition.