We pledge to be committed and dedicated in providing efficient, friendly and quality services towards making Rompin District, a clean, beautiful and structured area

It is our promise;

1. To ensure that every customer is treated fairly and in a friendly, satisfactory and effective manner

2. All complaints will be are responded within 3 days.

3. To process equipments tools, halls, fields, and square booking applications within 1 day.

4. To process development plan applications within specified period of time:-

a) Building renovation and extension plans within 14 days
b) Building plans within 37 days
c) Landscape plans and the name of the parks within 37 days
d) Planning permission plans within 37 days
e) Infrastructure plans within 57 days

5. To ensure delivery of the general assessment bills no later than January 15 and July 15 each year

6. To ensure delivery of the notice E no later than March 15 and 15 September each year

7. To process and produce results of applications: -

a) No-risk licenses, dog licenses, sales permits and banner permits issued within 1 day
b) Renewal of licenses, sales permits and banner permits issued within 1 day
c) Temporary permits and sidewalk permits issued within 14 days
d) Premises licence, entertainment premises licence, entertainment licence, billboards licence and hawkers licence within 30 days from the receipt date of completed applications

8. To process and issue the rental decision for booths, shops, markets, and bazaars within 2 months from the closing date

9. All payments are made within 14 days from the acceptance of completed documents.