Kuala Rompin was originally a fishermen’s village. According to legend, its name was linked to a tree. In olden times, many casuarina (ru) trees grew along the beaches of Rompin district. Among them there was a tree bigger and taller than the rest. The tree however, was slim (ramping in Malay) in the middle.

This phenomena puzzled the locals. As a result the tale was passed from mouth to mouth. Some of them considered it a sign that the area was suitable as a settlement. From then onwards, the area was known as Ru Ramping (slim casuarina). Eventually the settlers shortened it to Rumping. In the local dialect Rumping was pronounced Rumpin but spelled Rompin.

The second story revolved around a mysterious man who came to the site where Kuala Rompin was and stayed under the casuarina tree. The man was unknown to the locals. He was not communicative and it was not known where he came from. He was a travelling merchant but he decided to settle there. He built a small hut under the big and tall tree. The locals called him Riffin. Some people considered Riffin to have supernatural powers. The locals called the area where Riffin built his hut as Ruffin. With the influnce of the local dialect, the pronounciation of Ruffin became Rumpin. Rumpin was spelt as Rompin.